Beta Lactam Array - PT. RAFA


Beta Lactam Array

Penicillins as well as cephalosporins are called beta-lactam antibiotics. Penicillins have been widely used in veterinary medicine for more than 30 years and today form the most important group of antibiotics. The beta-lactams are one of the most frequently used families of antibiotics in food producing animals and residues in food may present a potential health risk. Residues of beta lactams have been determined in a range of tissues using various analytical methods, such as microbial and enzyme inhibition tests, receptor binding assays, immunoassays, biosensors and HPLC.


Beta-lactams (BLACT) 0.6
  Detects 16 different Beta Lactams from a single sample   Excellent limit of detection   Rapid and reliable test method  

Assay Specificity

Antibiotic Concentration (ng/ml) resulting in ≥95% positive test results
Ampicillin 0.8
Amoxicillin 0.8
Cloxacillin 3
Dicloxacillin 3
Nafcillin 18
Oxacillin 3
Penicillin G 0.4
Penicillin V 0.4
Cefacetril 12.5
Cefazolin 10
Cefoperazone 5
Cefquinome 2
Ceftiofur 20
Cephalexin 100
Cephalonium 2
Cephapirin 6