Beta Agonist Array - PT. RAFA


Beta Agonist Array

Zilpaterol (zilpaterol hydrochloride) is a beta adrenergic agonist.  Under its trade nameZilmax, zilpaterol is used to increase the size of cattle and the efficiency of feeding them. Of particular concern is the use of beta agonists prior to slaughter as this poses a risk to the consumer and may result in consumer toxicity.

The Beta-Agonists Array (Zilpaterol Only) is to be used for the quantitative detection of Zilpaterol in beef tissue samples.

Assay Limits of Detection

Beef tissue 0.08ng/ml

Assay Specificity

Assay   % Cross Reactivity
Zilpaterol Zilpaterol 100
Clenbuterol <1
Cimbuterol <1
Bromochlorbuterol <1
Salbutamol <1
Hydroxymethyl Clenbuterol <1
Clenpenterol <1
Brombuterol <1
Terbutaline <1
Mabuterol <1
Mapenterol <1
Cimaterol <1
Clenproperol <1
Ractopamine <1
Fenoterol <1
Clorprenaline <1
Tulobuterol <1
Pirbuterol <1