Growth Promoter Rapid Screen Array - PT. RAFA


Growth Promoter Rapid Screen Array

 Growth-promoting hormones have been used by the livestock industry for over 30 years to improve an animal's ability to more efficiently utilize nutrients and produce leaner, more affordable meat. Concerns over the use of hormones in food producing animals first arose during the late 1970s and early 1980s, when a number of incidents linked hormone residues in meat with various medical conditions. As a result, the use of growth-promoting hormones in livestock production is either prohibited (European Union) or strongly regulated (e.g. USA, Canada and Australia). Compliance with these regulations is monitored by national monitoring programmes.

  Methodology approved by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA   315 tests over 7 analytes in 2.5 hrs   IAC method with enhanced LODs for urine  

Assay Limits of Detection

  LOD (ng/ml) Urine Rapid Dilution Method
Beta-Agonists 0.74
Boldenone 1.83
Corticosteroids 0.91
Ractopamine 1.43
Stanozolol 1.99
Trenbolone 0.46
Zeranol 1.47

Assay Specificity

Assay   % Cross Reactivity
Beta-Agonists Clenbuterol 100
Carbuterol 104
Brombuterol 88
Salbutamol 70
Methyl-clenbuterol 20
Cimbuterol 54
Terbutaline 22
Mabuterol 41
Pirbuterol 15
Mapenterol 113
Boldenone 17β-Boldenone 100
1,4-Androstadiene-3, 17-dione 55
17α-Boldenone 15
Boldenone Glucuronide 15
Corticosteroids Dexamethasone 100
Flumethasone 57
Betamethasone 31
Dexamethasone 21 acetate 27
Betamethasone 21 acetate 133
Ractopamine Ractopamine 100
Ractopamine hydrochloride 100
Stanozolol Stanozolol 100
16 β-hydroxystanozolol 45
Trenbolone Trenbolone (17-beta) 100
Trenbolone (17-alpha) 21
Zeranol Zeranol 100
α-Zearalenol 10
B-Zearalenol 5.3
Zearalenol <1.4
Zearalanone <0.4