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Synthetic Steroids Array

 Synthetic Steroids are used as growth promoting hormones within the livestock industry. They are used extensively on animals as they encourage more efficient use of nutrients resulting leaner, supposedly 'better quality' meat. However, the risks associated with the use of synthetic steroids have long been known. Residues in meat have been linked to various medical conditions. Therefore the use of synthetic steroids is strictly regulated with compliance to these regulations being monitored.

  Simultaneous measurement of multiple synthetic steroids from a single sample   Suitable for both bovine and equine samples   Broad recognition of Gestagens  

Assay Limits of Detection

Assay Bovine Urine Equine Urine
Methyltestosterone 0.63 0.82
17b-Clostebol 0.40 0.95
Gestagens 0.92 0.84
Ethinylestradiol 0.37 0.41

Assay Specificity

Assay   % Cross Reactivity
Methyltestosterone Methyltestosterone 100
Methylboldenone 40.7
17β-Clostebol CLAD 100
17β Clostebol 34.8
Gestagens Chlormadinone acetate 100
Melengestrol acetate 56.9
Megestrol acetate 105.1
Medroxyprogestreone acetate 149.3
Ethinylestradiol Ethinylestradiol 100