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Introduction - BAT Toxicology

Biochip Array Technology 

Biochip Array Technology

Biochip Array Technology is a multiplex immunoassay drug screening methodology developed by Randox Toxicology, which advances on ELISA methods for rapid and accurate drug detection. Traditionally six or seven single analyte drug tests were carried out individually in order to detect for drug misuse. Due to laboratory time and money restraints, most toxicologists could only screen for the most common drugs of abuse prior to further analysis. However, due to a continuous rise in drug abuse and rapid increase in the availability of designer drugs, six of seven tests are not sufficient to ensure a negative result is truly a negative sample.

In 1992, we created a concept that would transform toxicology testing – Biochip Array Technology. The aim of this technology is to provide toxicologists with as much information a possible, faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. An astonishing £180 million investment on Research and Development and a persistent strategy of innovation allowed the technology to evolve.

Biochip Array Technology provides simultaneous detection of multiple drug classes and drug metabolites from a single, undivided specimen.

The core of the technology is the biochip, a solid state device onto which antibodies specific to different drug compounds are immobilised and stabilised; these are defined as discrete test sites. Competitive chemiluminescent immunoassays are employed for the biochip arrays. Light signal generated from each of the test regions on the biochip is simultaneously detected using digital imaging technology and compared to that from a calibration curve.


one specimen   biochip   multiple results

1 specimen = 1 biochip = multiple results


Comprehensive drug profiling in a one shot assay

Biochip Array Technology allows toxicologists to carry out a complete immunoassay drug screen on a wide range of drugs simultaneously. Randox Toxicology offer an unrivalled drug test menu across six arrays. The technology enables the testing of multiple forensic matrices with dedicated kits, offering excellent specificity and the reduced risk of false results. Toxicologists no longer need to rely on a 5 panel drug test, instead they can target 13 drugs simultaneously and up to 110 drug metabolites in a single assay.  

Efficient and effective laboratory testing

Biochip Array technology requires less manual input by fundamentally consolidating and speeding up ELISA techniques. Furthermore, consolidation of all forensic matrices onto one Biochip Array Technology analyser provides an efficient, effective and accurate method of drug detection; enabling toxicology laboratories to not only reduce costs but to improve overall performance.

Quality assured results

Competitive immunoassay principles employed in Biochip Array Technology conforms to widespread accreditation guidelines which state that two different scientific principles should be used for screening and confirmation of drug results. The FDA cleared Biochip Array Technology was granted the prestigious Mac Robert Award for Engineering. To date this technology has transformed toxicology screening worldwide, saving time and money within the laboratory and allowing for highly accurate and thorough results.