Inert AB Serum - PT. RAFA


Inert AB Serum

Inert AB Serum

Code: 110010   Size: 10ml

Code: 110000   Size: 1000ml

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Type: Polyclonal


Inert AB serum is a serum derived from a pool of human plasma, which is used as negative control for IAT tests, enzyme tests and as diluent.

A positive result obtained with Lorne Inert AB Control Serum in addition to those obtained with Lorne Blood Grouping Reagent indicates that the specimen is most likely reacting with components of the reagent anti-sera other than with the specific antibodies. A negative reaction with this control offers assurance that the positive results obtained with Lorne ABO blood grouping reagent are due to specific antigen-antibody interactions.

Lorne Inert AB Serum is prepared from pooled human serum. No potentiators or any other chemicals have been added to the reagent. The reagent is supplied at optimal dilution for use with the techniques recommended for the reagent to be controlled.