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ThermaCell-CO2 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Incubators


CO2 incubators aremainly used for cultivation of bio-cells, bacteria and tissue culture and other applications, with heating and temperature control system; CO2 concentration control system and gas circulating device.

Control circuit and gas circuit are installed behind the CO2 incubator, mains switch on the right side of the body and large LCD display on the front.

Polished stainless steel chamber with semi-circular arcs at the corner to ensure easy thorough cleaning.

The CO2 flows into the incubator through a high-performance microorganism filter(particle and bacteria bigger than 0.3um will be filtered)to keep pure CO2

The outer incubator door uses magnetic door strip seal while the inner glass door and incubator body silicone rubber strip seal to ensure air-tightness.

A COsampling monitoring hole is left on the glass door to monitor CO2 concentration in operation.

Multiple alarm and prompting functions such as door alarm when the door is not tightly closed, over-temperature or under-temperature alarm, over- and under-concentration of CO2 alarm, high temperature disinfection prompting, sensor fault alarm; the product is provided with RS485 communication function (option).



  • 156*89mm LCD display
  • Microorganism filter at inlet provides 99% filtration of bacteria and dust (Ф<0.3um) and supplies pure CO2 into the incubator.
  • Door temperature controller prevents dewfall on glass door of incubator effectively.
  • Independent audible and visible temperature-limiting alarm system ensures experiments run safely.
  • Alarm function for temperature difference, CO2 over concentration and concentration difference, door open time, UV working status.
  • Auto-controller of fan speed to prevent damage to the samples
  • Hot air sterilizing circulation system and UV light system for periodic sterilization of chamber
  • RS-485 Connector and software: easy to download and save all the data via RS-485 into computer, and identify problems in time (Option)
  • Humidity display (Option)