Tersus Pipette Controller - PT. RAFA


Tersus Pipette Controller


TerSus pipette controller is a device intended for pipetting liquids with the use of measuring pipettes. It can work with glass and plastic pipettes 0.1 ml to 200 ml.



  • Ergonomic handgrip and light weight and the balanced design enable prolonged fatigue-free pipetting in busy laboratories.
  • Easy operation through two buttons for aspiration and dispensing. Motor speed can be adjusted to maximum/minimum speed by turning the thumbwheel. The amount of pressure on the aspiration button provides variable speed up to the rate set by the speed controller (maximum/minimum speed). The dispensing speed depends on the amount of pressure on the dispensing button, it also depends on the selected dispensing mode as gravity or motorised delivery.
  • Tersus is powerful and quite pipette controller, at maximum motor speed, a 50ml pipette will be filled in less than 10 seconds. The motor and pump operate quietly with very low vibration.
  • The intelligent battery charger prevents overcharging of the NiMH battery. A flashing LED light will indicate the requirement for recharging two hours in advance.
  • Wall support/Inverted bench placement