Orbit PRO Orbital Shaker - PT. RAFA


Orbit PRO Orbital Shaker


Orbit-PRO Shaker provides smooth and uniform circular motions for mixing in dishes, plates, flasks, bottles and beakers for various applications. Different interchangeable platforms are available to suit various applications. The universal attachment adjusts to fit to bottles and other containers. The platform with non-slip mat is suitable for multi-well plates, dishes, petri dishes and diagnostic cards. The fixing clip platform is made to hold fixing clips for Erlenmeyer flasks of different sizes.



  • LCD displays for speed and time adjustment. Speed and timer can be viewed simultaneously
  • Maximum load capacity (with platform) is 7.5kg
  • Wide range of platforms for use with a variety of vessels
  • Electronic time switching clock controls time or continuous operation mode
  • Brushless DC motor, long service life and maintenance free
  • Over speed detection and protection