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ALBIT- General /Universal

  ALBIT - device which will amaze you ...

     New generation 2017 !

ALBIT was designed as an easy-to-use and practical ultrasound device both for general diagnostic applications such as Gynecological-Obstetric, Pediatric, small subsurface organs examination and specific diagnostic applications such as Proctology, TRUS, Anesthesia, Vascular Surgery or Orthopedics.

ALBIT, as an indispensible and perfect tool, enables to monitor and control the course of many medical procedures e.g. in a delivery room, endovascular ones i.e. sclerotheraphy,  EVLT or biopsy procedures. Therefore, this ultrasound is an invaluable bedside and mobile diagnostic device for various medical wards, emergency departments and treatment rooms. Albit is  recommended for infants, children but as well as for elderly patients’ examination.

The additional Duplex Doppler Function (Color/Power Doppler, Pulse Wave Doppler) significantly diversifies diagnostic capabilities, simultaneously providing the best quality-price relationship.


 Specific features:

Special BT remote controller significantly improves work performance and provides convenient operation.

ALBIT user’s interface based on touch screen technology makes operation easy and user-friendly. The touch screen can be also operated not only with fingers, but also using the enclosed stylus to keep it clean.

 For users who prefer more traditional operating solution  (as an option) special keyboard with trackball and silicone keys plus classic alphanumeric keyboard is offered. Please see photos in our gallery. Operator can use both methods touch-screen and classic one simultaneously.


Available probes : convex 2-5 MHz, linear 5-12 MHz, endo 5-10 MHz, microconvex 4-10 MHz,  (or 3-5 MHz) 
Double probe connection – optionally available. 


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ALBIT modular -full set version ALBIT modular  on table versionALBIT  mobile scanner ALBITALBIT - modular system


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