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Introduction - Clinical Chemistry Analysers

Clinical Chemistry Analysers

Randox have developed a versatile range of clinical chemistry analyzers collectively known as the RX series.

At Randox we understand the importance of real cost savings. Many competitors offer low cost analysers but these come at a price in the form of instrument breakdowns, engineer call outs, inaccurate results, repeat testing and lost time. With Randox there are no hidden costs the RX series of analysers offers a choice of reliable, cost effective platforms on which to base your laboratory analysis. The RX series has revolutionised many laboratories throughout the world and continues to do so with our flexible options:


Semi-automated chemistry analyzer capable of performing both chemistry and coagulation testing.


A fully automated solution for low to mid volume clinical chemistry testing, with a throughput of 170 tests per hour.


Compact, fully automated chemistry analyzer with a throughput of 180 photometric tests and 270 ISE tests per hour.




Compact, fully automated, random access chemistry analyzer with a throughput of 270 photometric tests and 450 tests per hour including ISE.


Compact, fully automated chemistry analyzer with a throughput of 400 photometric tests and 240 ISE tests per hour.


Randox manufacture clinical diagnostic reagentslaboratory quality controls and calibrators leading to efficiency gains and cost savings only possible with one platform, one reagent system and one global supplier.