Immunoaffinity columns - PT. RAFA


Immunoaffinity columns

Specific sample purification

Sample preparation is an essential part of drug residue testing irrespective of the method being used (GC-MS, HPLC or ELISA).  To complement our range of drug residue ELISA kits, we have developed a number of immunoaffinity columns to provide a very effective sample clean up.

All Randox immunoaffinity columns contain immobilised antibodies and work by specifically binding and removing the target analyte from a variety of different sample types enabling analysis by ELISA or HPLC.


Randox Immunoaffinity columns offer the following benefits:

  • Highly specific and efficient means of sample purification
  • Suitable for use with ELISA, GC-MS, LCMS and HPLC
  • Higher analyte recovery than other methods
  • Safe – only one solvent elution step involved reducing the use of organic solvents and waste disposal costs
  • Fast – few purification steps
  • Convenient – available in packs of 5 containing all necessary buffers required for   column storage and equilibrium
  • Cost-effective – each column can be used up to ten times
  • Long shelf life – 2 years shelf life from the date of manufacture
  • Can easily be automated

Immunoaffinity columns are available for the following:

  • Clenbuterol / ß-agonists
  • Corticosteroids
  • Trenbolone and nortestosterone
  • Stilbene
  • Zeronal
  • Growth Promoter