HandUReader - PT. RAFA



Portable Urine Analyzer


Professionalism and convenience anywhere

  • Battery operated portable design

  • LCD touch-screen

  • Menu driven operation

  • Up to 50 tests/hour throughput

  • Memory: last 200 results

  • Internal thermo printer

  • RS232 serial interface to host PC / LIS

The HanudUReader is a small size, portable medical diagnostic device designed for urine test strip reading. The instrument consists of two parts: a portable reader unit which is battery operated and a docking station. The docking station is for printing the results, transferring them to host PC or LIS, and for charging the batteries.

In the measurement process LabStrip U11 Plus test strips are drawn into the device automatically, and evaluated there. The CCD image processing and the sophisticated evaluation software of HandUReader guarantee accurate results every time.

The HandUReader provides extended opportunity in medical diagnosis by allowing medical staff to perform on-site urine analysis within a couple of minutes.

Technology: reflectance photometer with CCD image sensor
Throughput: 50 tests/hour
Memory capacity: last 200 results
Printouts: remote connection to printer station
Display: LCD touch screen: 320 x 240 pixels
Size: 250 x 120 x 70 mm
Weight: 820 gr (docking station included)
400 gr (without docking station)
External adapter: 7.5V DC / 3 A
Batteries: 3 x AA type 1,5V
Interface: RS232 serial port
Download HandUReader product leaflet
HandUReader product leaflet Download HandUReader user manual