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LabUMat & UriSed

Complete Urine Laboratory System

LabUMat & UriSed

Chemistry and sediment analysis in one system

The LabUMat is a fully automated urine chemistry analyzer evaluating the 11 chemical parameters of LabStrip U11 Plus test strips and the UriSed is a fully automated  sediment  analyzer providing whole viewfield miscroscopic images of urine sediment and detecting 15 sediment particles using Urised Cuvettes.  The efficiency of LabUMat and UriSed  can be maximized by using these instruments together as one system.

Since both instruments are developed and manufactured by 77 Elektronika, there is a well designed hardware and software interface between them. Together, the two instruments make up a Complete Urine Laboratory System. Results of both measurements are stored in a common database and reported as a common report.

Since all necessary measurements which have to be done on urine samples are completed by this integrated system in one process, combination of LabUMat and UriSed accelerates laboratory throughput and provides the most effective and reliable solution for complete and professional urine analysis. 

For detailed information please visit LabUMat and UriSed pages.