SensoLite Nova Test - PT. RAFA


SensoLite Nova Test

High quality blood glucose test strip

SensoLiteNova Test
  • Advanced biosensor technology

  • Faster reaction

  • Improved physical characteristics

  • Less sample volume

  • Capillary blood sample absorption

  • Viewing window

  • Shelf life: 24 months

The SensoLite Nova Test  provides an easy, accurate method for the determination of capillary whole blood glucose content. These blood glucose test strips were designed to be used with the SensoLite Nova and SensoLite Nova Plus blood glucose meters.


Accuracy of SensoLite Nova Test strip was assessed by comparison of patients with diabetes in one tipical clinical evaluation. Reference measurements were done by another approved blood glucose monitor. Specimens ranged from 1.0 mmol/l to 26.4 mmol/l, as measured by the reference method. The linear regression data from one tipical clinical site study is presented in the table below.

Number of Samples: 198
Range (mmol/l): 1.2 - 27.8
Bias (%): -4.45%
Slope: 1.055
Intercept (mmol/l): -0.7182
Correlation Coefficient: 0.994


A laboratory study (test based on Standard EN ISO 15197:2003) was conducted with SensoLite Nova Test strip using fresh sodium EDTA venous blood with a broad range of glucose levels. Results from a single typical run of this study, shown in the table, exhibit excellent precision characteristics for SensoLite Nova Test strip. From all the studies taken together, estimates of system precision were calculated within-run precision, 3.65% between run precision, 3.42%.

Individual Use Method

Number of Reading: 100 100 100 100 100
Average (mmol/l): 2.9 4 6.9 11.4 17.1
SD (mmol/l): 0.12 0.15 0.22 0.35 0.68
CV (%): 4.1 3.75 3.2 3.1 4.0
Technology: advanced biosensor
Sample volume: 0.5 μl
Test time: average 5 seconds
Measurement range: 20 – 600 mg/dl (1.1-33.3 mmol/l)
Display alarms: Low: below 20 mg/dl (1.1 mmol/l)
High: over 600 mg/dl (33.3 mmol/l)
Hematocrit range: 30 - 55 %
Storage (temperature): 8 - 30 °C
Storage (relative humidity): 30 - 70%


  • 10, 25 or 50 strips in a vial
  • Code-card
  • Instructions for use
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