Vision Report - PT. RAFA


Vision Report


Digital System for Microscopy Analysis and Report Generation


Vision Report Digital System for Microscopy Analysis and Report Generation


  • Priority is given to convenience and simplicity — you are working with a unified system
  • There is no need to store glass slides — you are storing digital ones
  • You can send the specimen to your colleagues for consulting via the Internet
  • Add new standards to your routine work — use the advantages of digital microscopy


Take Control of the Increasing Amount of Information in Your Laboratory

  • Unified system for working with microscopy samples, patient data and analysis results
  • Allows to do the following promptly
    — Patient registration
    — Microscopy image capture
    — Microscopy analysis in accordance with regulatory documents
    — Report generation
    — Information management in the database
  • Control of saving and searching patient data, albums, analyses, images, calibrations and relevant information with associated files – allows you to concentrate on your important work
  • Improved tools for database control, sorting and filter functions
  • Report customization according to user requirements
  • Data export to external programs
  • Storing, viewing, searching and managing data in the database
  • Can be adapted to user’s requirements


Report Modules

  • Cytology examination
  • Histology examination
  • Myelogram examination
  • Microbiology examination
  • Mycology examination
  • Virology examination
  • Urine sediment examination
  • Stool examination
  • Parasitology examination
  • Stomach contents examination
  • Duodenal contents examination
  • Sputum examination
  • Cerebro-spinal fluid examination
  • Exudate fluid examination
  • Female genital discharges examination



Analysis Procedure

Prepare the sample Install the sample on the specimen stage Create new record in the database
Proceed with analysis Save images and analysis results Print the report