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Vision Bio


Vision Bio

Digital Analysis System for Medicine and Biology

Vision Bio Digital Analysis System for Medicine and Biology

  • Priority is given to convenience and simplicity — you are working with a unified system
  • There is no need to store glass slides — you are storing digital ones
  • You can send the specimen to your colleagues for consulting via the Internet
  • Add new standards to your routine work — use the advantages of digital microscopy

Analysis of Size, Form, Position and Optical Parameters for the Selected Objects

  • Editing to improve image quality using routine and special filters
  • Manual and automatic selection of objects of interest
  • Analysis of size, form, position and optical parameters for the selected objects
  • Object classification and statistical processing for measurement results
  • Saving and printing out images and analysis results
  • Chart export with analysis results to MS Excel
  • Report generation with images and charts
  • Integrated report editor
  • Digital sample and analysis result databse
  • Preset methods for working with objects: selection, measurement (length, angle, perimeter, square, etc.), calculations, classifications, volume part (density), phase analysis (segmentation by histogram), covering thickness (measurement by layers)

Analysis Procedure

Prepare the sample Install the sample on the specimen stage Find the object of interest
Save image Proceed with analysis Print the report