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Vision Hema


Vision Hema

Automatic Digital Blood Smear Analysis System

Vision Hema Automatic Digital Blood Smear Analysis System

  • Vision Hema changes your working method completely from manual to automatic
  • It is enough to put the specimen on the stage and start the analysis procedure
  • Automatic calculation and classification of blood cells
  • Leucocytes differentiation in 12 parts
  • Automatic focus adjustment when working with the specimen
  • Priority is given to convenience and simplicity — you are working with a unified system
  • Add new standards to your routine work — use the advantages of digital microscopy
  • There is no need to store glass slides — you are storing digital ones
  • Best operation capabilities in digital pathology
  • You can send the specimen to your colleagues for consulting via the Internet

Use Vision Hema Advantages to Achieve More Accurate Results Faster

Vision Hema scans automatically the thinnest part of the microscopic sample according to adapted path, collects the data for analysis, sorts the blood cells and enters results into the database.

The specialist is free from routine work and only has to see analysis results, correct/verify and print out the report.

Automatic blood smear analysis:
  • Erythrocytes morphology analysis
  • Leucogram calculation for 12 leucocytes parts: segmented and banded neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils, blast cells, premyeloblasts, metamyelocytes, atypical lymphocytes, plasmocytes
  • Platelets morphology analysis
System is adapted to various staining techniques, including modern ones developed for digital systems.

Blood Smear Analysis standardization.

Unlimited Capabilities for the Flexible and Powerful Automatic Blood Smear Analysis System

  • Specially designed for hematologists
  • Automation:
    — Automatic preparation of blood cell gallery
    — Automatic sorting of cells by type
    — Automatic digital slide preparation
  • Automatic focus adjustment
  • Quality control for automatic functions
  • Calculating blood cells: erythrocytes, platelets and leucocytes
  • Preparing and sorting blood cell galleries
  • Automatic choice of motion path when preparing the gallery considering specimen distribution in the smear and quality control for the slide
  • Viewing and correction of the prepared blood cell gallery and additional sorting for atypical forms
  • Slide and analysis result database
  • Report generation

Automatic Analysis Procedure

Prepare the sample Install the sample on the motorized stage Introduce sample to the database
New record created Automatic sample input to the software You receive the digital slide
Start “Analysis” Automatic analysis, calculation and sorting of blood cells, including leucocytes Generating report