KONIK HPLC 560 Column Oven has been specially designed for the use in chemical and biological routine analysis, including research laboratories. Its areas of application range from analytical to preparative HPLC.

A stable column temperature not only improves the reproducibility, but rather considerably improves the resolution of certain HPLC methods as well.

The reliable contrl of the temperature, which covers a range of 5-85ºC has been realized with the use of a microprocessr controlled Peltier element. The measurement of the temperature is carried out with high accuracy usind Double Reference Sensor Technology.

The powerful interior fan provides for 2-way air circulation and a perfectly even distribution of the thermostatted air in the column compartment, enabling quick ramping of the temperature.


Technical Data 

Konik HPLC 560 Colums Oven


The remote keypad enables access to all the thermostat’s functions and displays target and actual temperature in increments of 0.1ºC.

The KONIK HPLC 560 Column Oven can hold up to 4 liquid chromatography columns with a maximum length of 350 mm each. The maximum inner diameter of the HPLC columns is 20 mm.

In addition to the standard temperature adjustment, it is possible to program temperature gradients with up to 99 steps to optimize an analysis.

The temperature can either be controlled with the supplied control panel or externally with a PC. Gradients can be conveniently programmed with our chromatography software KONIKROM®.