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Biochip Analysers - Evidence Evolution

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Evidence Evolution

The latest addition to the Evidence family of immunoassay analysers, the Evidence Evolution, is the world's first fully automated random access biochip testing platform.

The Evidence Evolution is the next dimenson of testing set to revolutionise current diagnostic testing as the first of its kind to offer complete system integration, with the most comprehensive test menu on the market. Utilising proven and perfected multiplex Biochip Array Technology, the Evidence Evolution is a transformational platform, capable of testing for multiple analytes simultaneously from a single sample, providing advanced test consolidation and patient profiling.

True onboard random access, state of the art intuitive E-Touch software and advanced precision Bio-drive robotics are but a few of the features the Evidence Evolution can offer.

Save Time-Save Costs

  • Multiplex testing allows multiple tests to be carried out from an undivided patient sample
  • Reducing the amount of time and labour spent on individual tests

Complete patient profiling

  • Multiplex testing with Biochip Array Technology allows clinicians to consider the complete picture resulting in well informed decisions and accurate diagnosis

Optimum laboratory efficiency

  • True Random Access allows continuous reagents samples and consumable input and output without interrupting testing
  • The Evidence Evolution processes batch samples with instant STAT capabilities

Highly accurate testing

  • The world’s first use of linear Bio-drive Robotics, achieves fast and highly accurate operations with uncompromised quality
  • Unrivalled mechanical capabilities ensure continuous flow of results

Superior on-board stability

  • The world’s first use of Butterfly Valve System (BVS) capped reagents
  • True onboard refrigeration

Reduced sample volume

  • Biochip Array Technology reduces sample requirements
  • Analyse a complete profile of biomarkers from as little as 7µl of sample

Advanced inventory management

  • The world’s first use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking system
  • Enables you to track reagent usage in order to achieve optimal laboratory efficiency