Konikrom® MS Plus

Is the latest and most powerful MS data handling system. Easy-to-use, WindowsTM based software allows full instrument control for all the KONIK products through intuitive menus. Data acquisition, qualitative analysis, quantitation and reporting are performed easily though interactive and dedicated applications. 

Ultra-fast scan rate!

The scan rate of the KONIK MS Q12 is faster than any other benchtop. Totally programmable and based in a 100 kHz sampling speed clock, we can acquire up to 33,000 amu/sec. Faster scan speed opens new dimensions in fast GC applications. High scan speed increases system throughput, precision and accuracy and overall spectral purity.

Single Ion Monitoring and Full Scan

SIM and FS spectra can be obtained simultaneously acquired during the same run, providing more data and information in a shorter time. Three acquisition modes and several pre and post acquisition options expand the KONIK MS Q12 flexibility. Step mode is the regular acquisition mode for library search and standard routine analysis. In Semi-Profile mode you can acquire fixed 16 points per mass, obtaining real peaks rather than approximation bars and the peak centroid is automatically calculated. In Profile mode the analyst may choose the number of points per mass, from 1 up to 64, providing maximum resolution and sensitivity compared to any other quad or trap. Up to 50 sets of scan functions can be processed in any SIM, Full Scan or mixing mode.

Quick compound identification

By matching EI mass spectra against reference NIST commercial library and/or customer-made libraries. Library searching feature helps you to identify unknowns and confirming target compound identification.