RX Daytona+ - PT. RAFA


RX Daytona+

RX Daytona+

The RX daytona plus provides high quality testing on a compact, easy to use clinical chemistry analyser for accurate results you can trust.

The RX daytona plus is a fully automated, random access, benchtop analyser. Its comprehensive and flexible test menu allows the consolidation of a wide range of routine and esoteric tests including routinely run chemistries, specific proteins, veterinary tests, therapeutic drugs and drugs of abuse on one easy to use platform.

  • The largest clinical chemistry test menu on the market providing consolidation of routine and specialised tests onto one platform
  • Ability to run emergency samples ensures optimum efficiency in the laboratory and rapid turnaround of STAT samples
  • Dedicated RX support teams provide instant technical support when you need it, minimising downtime

    Highly accurate testing

    • Optional Degasser module improves dispensing accuracy of reagent and sample
    • Separate sample and reagent pipettes avoid the risk of carryover
    • Sample and reagent pipettes are equipped with liquid level sensors

    Easy to use

    • Easy to use Windows(R) based software
    • Only one click opens the emergency sample ordering screen for rapid STAT testing
    • Barcode readers for both sample and reagent identification available
    • Ability to register samples for routine measurement with an auto-template function
    • Automatic start-up, shut-off and sleep functionality

    High throughput

    • 270 photometric tests per hour
    • 450 tests per hour including ISE

    Optimum laboratory performance

    • A sensitive clot detection sensor detects clots at the sample pipette
    • Low minimum reaction volume of 100μ improves cost-effectiveness and reduces waste
    • Crash detection on sample and reagent pipettes
    • Automatic test re-run function saves time and reduces risk of human error

    Unrivalled QC capabilities

    • Generation of Levey-Jennings charts, calibration curves and QC statistics for reliable results

    Cost saving

    • Semi-disposable cuvettes reduce costs on consumables
    • Minimal maintenance is required
    • The analyser is easy to install and set up, saving costs associated with timely and difficult installations


    • 12 wavelengths available from 340 - 800 nm (340, 380, 415, 450, 510, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700, 750, 800)

    Most comprehensive test menu on the market

    • Wide range of tests available including routine and novel assays
    • Ability to run specific proteins removes the need for a separate nephelometry system

    STAT sampling

    • Ability to run emergency samples immediately improves laboratory efficiency