Endocrine - PT. RAFA




 For accurate simultaneous detection of multiple hormones in a single sample

About Randox Endocrine Array

Endocrinology is hormone science that has grown into a diverse and complex field of biological research and clinical practice. The inexorable rise of this field has been based on the integration of knowledge from multiple scientific disciplines. It cuts across the life sciences and impacts heavily on global health and well being. Continuing research into the biomedical processes involved is shedding new light on causes and consequences of normal and abnormal cell-to-cell signalling and therefore providing ever more effective molecular tools to improve health and tackle disease. The Endocrine array can be used as a tool to further this field of hormone research.

Benefits of the Randox Endocrine Array

  • Biochip Array Technology allows the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes from one single sample, providing a more complete patient profile
  • Using a single sample saves time and reduces patient discomfort
  • Simple sample preparation - Biochips are ready to use
  • Small sample volume required
  • Fully and semi-automated analysers available
  • Multi-analyte controls and calibrators available

Endocrine Array

  • Cortisol (CORT)
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone-sulphate (DHEAs)
  • 17αHydroxyprogesterone (17αOHP)
  • Leptin (LEPT)